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LACFF 2018 Documentary Features -- Hanzi + I’ve Got a Little Problem

  • Downtown Independent 251 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA, 90012 United States (map)


HANZI is a documentary exploring international design, visual culture, and identity through the lens of modern Chinese typography. The film explores subjects such as “How does language shape identity? What role does handwriting play in the digital age?” Collaborating with filmmakers from various countries, Hanzi includes interviews from ShaoLan, creator of Chineasy; renowned font designer Kobayashi Akira from Japan; veteran Chinese font designer Sammy Or; as well as a look into the last Chinese letterpress type foundry in the world and more. Focusing on Chinese typography and keeping insights globally applicable, Hanzi encourages its audiences to revisit and rethink their own culture, language, and identity.

Directed by Mu-Ming Tsai

Regin Taiwan

Length 57 mins

I've Got A Little Problem

Photographer and poet Ren Hang is famous for his sensual images displaying nudes of Chinese youths. He plans on holding a naked event on the street, but this seems like an impossible mission. Meanwhile, his chronic depression leads both his art and private life into a downward spiral.

Written by Ximing Zhang, Hang Ren

Directed by Ximing Zhang

Country of Origin Taiwan

Cast Hang Ren, Dejun Gao, Siqi Guo, Dongqi Zhang, Chao Cao, Xiaoxing Sun, Yiyun Cai