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LACFF 2018 Short Film Showcase #1

  • Downtown Independent 251 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA, 90012 United States (map)


Dir. by Anchi Shen, 5 mins & Q&A;

A well-educated goat with grand career aspirations goes job hunting and faces the most honest and brutal challenges reality can throw at him.


Dir. by Mengchen Niu, 30 mins & Q&A;

Besieged follows the lives of Yang and Victor, Chinese half-brothers who have been in competition with each other their entire lives. Yang, an aspiring actor, auditions for a prestigious film role, only to realize that his younger brother Victor, a violin prodigy, is auditioning for the same role as well. In a vicious effort to win the part, Yang stealthily sabotages his brother throughout the audition process. Unbeknownst to Yang, Victor is tired of carrying the burden of being a prodigy and longs to escape the expectations of their father and the pressure of performing. Besieged vividly depicts the darkness of jealousy threaded within sibling rivalry.

Life as He Likes

Dir. by Lizhu Yang;

Yang Qiaoyuan is an old Chinese man who lives in destitution and poor conditions by his own choice, disliked by his family. His wife divorced him when they were eighty. His sons and daughters harshly and continuously criticize his lifestyle. Every day he puts his hunched body under high pressure, working the fields and taking water from the streams; he also enjoys meditation and calligraphy. He is unwilling to talk to people, which is why he spends lots of time reading, isolated from the rest of the world. Although people can only see his unkempt appearance, his daughter will follow him to prove that under the shabbiness, there is a strong pursuit of happiness. The final letter that Yang Qiaoyuan dedicates to his granddaughter is an elegy of refined writing and skillful calligraphy, and is a pleasure for the eyes and the ears.


Dir. by Dawei Zhang, 30 mins & Q&A;

Set in Japan, Yui, an innocent, warm, high school girl, saves her classmate Arai from several high school bullies and gives her a cupcake as a kind gesture. Arai has since developed a tormented obsession with Yui. One night, Yui discovers that Arai has a secret virtual world, which she finds herself imprisoned in. And it is up to Yui to decide which world is better for her.

Birthday Party

Dir. Xiaoyu Ma & Q&A

Yang, the head of the city’s Hui Gangsters, is preparing to kill Kun at his birthday party. Kun is the leader of another rival gang, fighting to occupy the area. But when Yang discusses his plans with his followers, Kun shows up at the factory unexpectedly.

Arcosanti: A State of Fugue

Dir. by Kehui Feng, 34 mins & Q&A

A story about several residents who live in Arcosanti, an urban laboratory looking to find a future in this prototypical city in Arizona, as they try their best to make this experimental community continue after its construction.