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LACFF 2018 Short Film Showcase #2

  • Downtown Independent 251 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA, 90012 United States (map)

Miss World

Dir. by Georgia Fu, 20 mins

Jane, a young Taiwanese woman comes home from the U.S. to spend time with her father before he goes to prison. On her father's last day of freedom, Jane experiences the worst day of her life, derailing her desire to connect with her father. Going out into the night and looking for an escape, Jane learns she has to come to terms with her own issues before she can finally say goodbye.


Dir. by Feng-I Roan, 15 mins

Embarrassed by her un-American looks, Fen betrays her younger sister on their first day at church, fueling the first unprecedented outburst since their immigration.


Dir. by Yuntao Du, 18 mins

The arrival of the Uber app in the Chinese market has changed how people travel and at the same time, has created a group of speculators in this special land. Will the billions in investment help Uber dominate the Chinese market or will it simply generate generous donations for speculators in China?

One Day in Gaoyi

Dir. by Jiaxuan Xiao, Muqiu Qin, 18 mins

On the village street of Gao Yi, a public announcement is posted, recruiting actors for government cultural activities, and the villagers watch with great interest. However, the announcement does not disturb the rhythm of their daily life, and everything in the village goes on as usual: the butcher slaughters the meat, the ferries continue on schedule, and the villagers' lives turn out to be the most natural and real performances.

The Quintet of The Sunset

Dir. by Jie Weng, 7 mins

What we expect from our relationships with the animas insinuates our expectations of our self-cognition – how we want to be treated, how we want to be respected and how we maintain relationships with the nature that are beyond our experience. The video focuses on the evolution and changes of human being’s life in a first-person perspective of animals. Each cat in the video keeps alive its own instinct and characteristics, and lives a healthy and happy life owing to the care and love of Gina. In the irreversible end of Gina’s life, their hearts beat as one with the heartbeat of Gina and guard Gina by her side ever after in their own way.

Mother Eden

Dir. by Erzhuo Wang 28 mins

Today’s China has already past the time of the Red Revolutions. Those idealistic students from the 80s have reached their middle age, accepting their ordinary lives. Ms. Yao was one of them. Recently in her school, there were two teachers who had an affair and eloped together. It reminded Ms. Yao of her own life. So many things were flashing back, those memories and experiences that came from the same generation.