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LACFF 2018 Narrative Feature Screening - Transcendent + Q&A

  • Downtown Independent 251 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA, 90012 United States (map)

Co-Hosted by: Asian World Film Festival

Transcendent takes place in the future, where science has enabled mankind to create a breed of artificial humans known as “TRANSCENDENT.”

Liang Hugh (played by Zhou You) was once an excellent race car driver, but was emotionally crippled when he witnessed his best friend Zhou Xiao-Jie (played by DUAN Bowen) die in a racing accident. He eventually turns to truck driving for a living, but things change when, upon getting into a car accident, he suddenly discovers a secret contained within a memento left to him by his old friend. Is Zhou still alive?

Medical intern Tian Xiao-Xin (played by Guo Shutong) falls in love with the boxer Xiao-Sun (played by Toby Lee), who has never won a match, and always ends up scarred and bruised from his fights. Tian Xiao-Xin wants to save him in the name of love, but ends up doing the opposite. Can their love escape the unfortunate fate that has been set for them?

Xiao-Xiao (played by Wang Po-Chieh) has contracted a rare disease, but after much searching, has finally found a TRANSCENDENT named An-He (played by Cherry Ngan) whose blood could save his life. However, in the face of a grim life-for-life decision, these two souls both yearn to be free from their fate. Will Xiao-Xiao go through with the operation if it means An-He will die?

Finding companionship, bidding farewell, living one’s life -- in the face of a cruel fate, these youths are not willing to give in, and instead choose to rebel in the pursuit of their own futures.

Directed by Linzi Zhang

Length 118 mins

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