a test



Several days before the College Entrance Exam, high school teacher Chen Jun is informed by An, the school’s top student Lee' s sister, that their father was killed in a mining accident. Thinking for the student's future, as well as pressured by the school principle and his family, Chen Jun struggles whether he should tell Lee about this news.





Director's Bio

Zuxiang Zhao was born and raised in Beijing. He graduated from New York University Tisch School of the Arts in 2014 with a bachelor degree in filmmaking. During his time in college, he
also attended Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. He has written, directed, and shot multiple shorts in China, U.S and Czech. The first feature film he worked as a cinematographer, THIS IS SALITUN, got into Toronto International Film Festival. Zuxiang is currently in Beijing preparing for his directorial debut feature film.

Chen Jun-Li Yixiang
Li Renming-Ma Jianqi
Headmaster Wang-Guoqing Ma
Li Anan-Xue Qing
Written & Directed by Zhao Zuxiang
Produced by: He Yifei, Wang Peichao, Zhao Zuxiang
Director of Photography: Zeng Jinwei
Production Designer: Ma Wei
Supervising Sound Editor: Lin Qian