love after time

tsung-han tsai/taiwan/15MINS/us premiere


On a nuclear-ravaged island, an Enforcer, ordered to keep the enslaved citizens under control, chases a mutant woman who steals food under his watch.
Following the woman to a secret refuge, his innermost temptation is excited by her cockroaches...Pent-up desire and fear are exposed, and released.


LEE Hong-chi         Nana LEE

Producer-TSAI Tsung-han
Director-TSAI Tsung-han

Writer-CHANG Ying min, TSAI Tsung-han
Director of Photography-CHANG Chihteng
Production Designer-P.J. CHEN
Editors-Milk SU, KAO Ming sheng
Music-Owen WANG
Sound-R.T KAO



Director Statement

What if longing for love destroys your comfort zone?  Would you choose love over security? This is the core of my film. Then I read Julia Kristeva's Powers of Horror. I realized nothing is repulsive in its essence. It becomes repulsive when it refuses to be categorized and defies the rules of a certain symbolic order.  Hence, the idea of including cockroaches. Following that key image, nuclear holocaust and genetic mutations are reasonable.  Only when you give up control can a story be complete.






Director's Bio

A screenwriter and a director, Tsung-Han has a BA in Economics from the National Taiwan University and a MFA in Film Production from the Taipei National University of the Arts. Tsung-Han's first feature film screenplay Winds of September (2009) won the Best Screenplay Awards at the Golden Horse Awards, Taipei Film Festival, and Chinese Film Media Awards. It was also nominated as the Best Screenplay at the Asian Film Awards. He was a director alumnus at the Golden Horse Film Academy helmed by the esteemed auteur HOU Hsiao-hsien. His first directorial short, My Grandma was nominated as the Best Short Film at the Golden Horse Awards and Shanghai International Film Festival. Love After Time is Tsung-Han's second short film and is touring in film festivals. 


Director's Filmography 

2016         LOVE AFTER TIME       Short

2014         MY GEEKY NERDY BUDDIES    Feature (Screenwriter)

2011         PICK THE YOUTH       Feature (Screenwriter)

2008         MY GRANDMA       Short

2008         WIND OF SEPTEMBER       Feature (Screenwriter)

2007         WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I DONE WRONG?                      Feature (Screenwriter)