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the test

Jinsui Song/CHINA/25MINS/North America premiere


The term "Hong Kong anchor babies " refers to children born in Hong Kong whose parents (usually from Mainland China) are not Hong Kong permanent residents. A mainland mother who isn’t a Cantonese gave birth in Hong Kong. In order to let her 3-year-old son pass the entrance examinations held by the kindergartens in Hong Kong, she begins to learn Cantonese with her son.

Yuan Li         Tang Kaiyan
Director/Screenwriter/Jinsui Song
Producer/ Dan Huang
Cinematographer/Shuyuan Zhang
Production Designer/Wenchen Suan
Editor/ Jinsui Song Haowei Li





Director's Bio

Born: Feb 14th 1996 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Graduated from Beijing Film Academy

Major in Screenwriting