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winter break

Xin Yi/CHINA&us/24MINS/us premiere


Winter Break is a tragicomedy about the subtleties in single family relationships. A daughter comes back from college in the U.S. to her home in China to unite with her single mother.  They come to discover that they no longer share the same behaviors and expectations.  The test of their bond emerges in a series of small moments over the course of the break.

Xiaoxiang He   Shiqi Ming
Director/Screenwriter/Xin Yi
Producer/ Nongji Wang, Xiaoxiang He
Cinematographer/Lizi Liu
Sound Recorder/Huo Qiu
Sound Mixer/Jerry Summer
Editor/ Xin Yi, Lizi Liu






Director's Bio

Xin Yi grew up in Hangzhou China, she has been making films since 2012 and her works have been screened at the Echo Park Film Center, REDCAT.