Dimitry Geller&Andrey Koulev/China&Russia&Bulgaria/10MINS/us premiere 


Fishes, swimmers, boats \ Transform the water \ The water is soft and moves \ Only for what affects it. 

Liu Dahang          Zhuo Lina
Directors – Dmitry Geller, Andrey Koulev
Script – Andrey Koulev, Dmitry Geller
Producer - Zheng Liguo
Executive manager - Yang Lei
Design, art-direction, animation - Anna Karpova
Animation - Meng Gang, Wei Jia Lu, Sun Kai Li, Liu Heng Li, WangYe, Zhu Zi Yang
Background - Meng  Han, Chen Hong, Zhuo Li Na, Zhang Yi Rui,  Lin Yu
Composition - Dmitry Geller
Music, sound - Artem Fadeev


Director Statement

This film draw lessons from painting styles of master of Chinese traditional painting—Qi Baishi, adopting traditional Chinese folk paper-cut, shadow play and other artistic elements. It also combines with the French writer Paul éluard’s Poems-- fish. The poem-style film represents a novel animation narrative and expression method.
  The film is mainly described a story about hero and neighbor heroine. They loved each other very much. While hero always came to see his lover’s shadow play, his lover also waited for his fishing back on the shore. One day, on the way to visit the hero, she was swallowed up by the violent wind and waves and lost her live. After a while, the hero found her when fishing in the sea. He was so sorrow that drown himself into the sea.






Director's Bio

Dmitry Geller, film director and artist (Russia)

Born in 1970 in Sverdlovsk.
Independent artist. Participated in exhibitions in Sverdlovsk, St.Petersburg, Moscow,Copenhagen, Washington.
From 1995 to 1997 he studied at the Highest Courses for  Script Writers and Film Directors in Moscow in the studio Fyodor Khitruk, Yuriy Norshteyn, Eduard Nazarov, Andrei Khrzhanovsky.

Andrey Koulev,  producer, film director, screen writer, artist (Bulgaria)

Born in Sofia, graduated from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts with a M.A. in film directing. A member of the selection committee in „The International Animation Festival Hiroshima 2012”. Illustrator and designer of various books and magazines. Member of Union of Bulgarian Fine Artists and the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers. Since 2011 he is an art director of the World Festival of Animated Film – Varna.