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of shadows

yi cui/CHINA&canada/78MINS/la premiere


Filmed in China’s Loess Plateau, where shadow theatre has entertained people and deities for centuries, OF SHADOWSfollows a lively and resilient group of local shadow play performers as they navigate between the rural staging of ancient plays and the urban spectacles of national cultural heritage. While providing a rare glimpse into the nomadic lives of master puppeteers, the film paints a haunting portrait of a revered folk tradition transforming against the backdrop of a country in constant transition.



Director's Bio

Yi Cui was born and raised in northwest China and currently lives between her homeland and Canada. Before starting to make films, she worked in conservation ecology. She received her MFA in film from York University in Toronto. Her body of work consists of experimental, documentary, narrative and essay films. The constant search for poetry and musicality is a recurring theme in her films.



Director's filmography

Ying (short)    2011

 Partita         2013

Of Shadows     2016