Spinning Night.jpg

night spinning

yi luo/germany/5mins/us premiere


Eva has a crush on her good friend Jack. But an encounter with him at his favorite bar destroys her hopes: Jack meets another woman there. Before she goes back home, she sees two shadows in the distance kissing. After that, she is haunted by the picture. Something very strange grows in her, distorts her reality and perception and drives her crazy.


directed, written and produced by   Yi Luo
art direction   Yi Luo
voices   Chiara Haurand
vocal   Eva Idasson
animation   Sarah Schulz Laura Staab Janina Putzker Sabine Volkert Yi Luo
Ink and paint   Yi Luo
music   Xin Huang
sound design   Niklas Menschik
motion design   Maria Kraemer

Director's Bio

YI LUO comes from China, lives since 2007 in Germany and started her studies in animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2015. She publishes her illustrations and comics using the pseudonym Yinfinity. In 2016 she received the Bavarian Literature Scholarship with her comic debut Running Girl. Night Spinning is her first own animation short.