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Wang Yang&Wu Qiong/China&japan/22MINS/North America premiere


‘Elephant in the room’ is an English-language metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss or challenge. This work depicts three unfinished journeys that took place at three locations and three different periods of time and space. This work delineates a foreign journey of two young people, a universe-migration of an astronaut, and the inner vision of a Burma immigrant.
This film represents the situation and choices of people in different situations with five narrative paragraphs. Tourists run into 'invisible elephants' one by one during their trip.

Xu Wenbo Ms. Kyi
Music, sound - Hyashi Shinichi





Director's Bio

Wang Yang

Born in Hangzhou in 1991, Wang Yang is graduated from China Academy of Art, and currently enrolled on the MA program of the Tokyo University of the Arts.. Producing works mostly in Installation and Narrative Environment.

Wu Qiong

Wu Qiong was born in Lanzhou in 1992. Graduated from The China Academy of Art in 2017 and received his master's degree in Inter media art. In 2016, went to Zurich for exchange learning. The main creative medium is video, and now lives and works in Hangzhou.