CHEN HAO/CHINA/22MINS/North America premiere

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It is a special year for Zhang Shuhao and QianHao who come from the Dongbei Zhaung acrobatic art school in Henan province at their age of ten. This summer, they are training hard for their upcoming career. This film focuses on the two children who are trained on acrobatics from the Dongbei Zhaung acrobatic art school in He Nan province and tells the stories when they facing the study, life and future.

Director : Chen Hao
Producer: LvYong feng
Sound Mix: WangHou
Cinematographer:   ZhangJiang da, JiaBao yang
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Director's Bio

Chen Hao, a young director from mainland China, documentary filmmaker, his works include Gymnastic dream, The mournful song, etc. He has won many awards from film festivals, such as the Beijing College Student Film Festival Award, International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra. In June 2015, he joined the director, Jin Huaqing's Video Workshop and was selected into the excellent student director development program.