free and easy

jun geng/china/99MINS/la premiere


A crook visits a gloomy, snowbound town in northeast China bringing magic soap used to incapacitate the unaware so that he may rob them of money and property. A man is intent on re-uniting with his mother by meeting people through his religion. Two police officers set out to solve a case without any clues. A fake monk begins to work on the issue of solidarity through common pursuit. A forest ranger pursues a tree thief. In the midst of this, a murder takes place. Free and Easy is a farce in which crime is the new normal.


Xu Gang  Zhang Zhiyong  Xue Baohe  Wang Xuxu  Gu Benbin  Zhang Xun  Yuan Liguo
Producers  Wang Zijian  Wang Xuebo  Xie Meng
Executive Producer  Zhang Xianmin
Screenwriters  Liu Bing  Feng Yuhua  Geng Jun
Cinematography  Wang Weihua
Sound  Du Chunfeng


Director Statement

Free and Easy tells an absurd story set in a fictitious town in northeast China, where a bunch of hooligans chill and kill each other while hugging each other, caring and suspecting each other while fraternizing with each other. They burn themselves into ash with the hope they raise for each other. In the film, the police officers are kept busy capturing the criminals, the fraud deceiving for money, the forest ranger chasing the tree thief, the Christian believer looking for his lost mother, and the fake monk devoted to group unity, coincidently all come together and perform the story. The film is featured with typical Dongbei style (literally, Northeast Chinese style) humor, full of twists and turns and magnificent mountains and rivers.



Director's Bio

Geng Jun was born in 1976 in Heilongjiang Province, China. Geng

Jun has directed and written many films including Hawthorn (2002),

Diary in Bulk (2003), Barbecue (2004 Festival of 3 Continents, 2005

International Film Festival Rotterdam), Youth (2009 Rome

International Film Festival), and The Hammer and Sickle are Slee

ping (2013 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival best short film winner). Geng Jun also directed Poetry and Disease (2011).