The last painting

chen hung-i/taiwan/106MINS/North America Premiere


On the day of the Taiwanese presidential election, third-year university student on Political Science Yang Chieh is found dead in her rented flat. Her naked body is covered with oil paint while her beautiful eyes are dug out by a sharp tool.

All the evidences suggest that her flatmate Jiang Jhong Ze and confidant Nana are the prime suspects.

Nana is a man as well as a woman. Always troubled by her relationship problems, Nana is like a sister to Yang Chieh, but she is jealous of everything Yang Chieh has in her life. In order to search for her true love, Nana is determined to have a sex change operation… Jiang Jhong Ze is a painter and a cynic, who has once been an angry young man involved in the social movements. He indulges in his carnal relationship with his dancer girlfriend, but in the glint of ideals twinkling in Yang Chieh’s eyes, he sees his old passionate self…

In this city, each of them clashes with the establishment, the social conventions, the gender divide and love in his own way. On the night when a group of redundant factory workers lie on the railway tracks in protest, Yang Chieh and Jiang Jhong Ze fall in love with each other. Since then Yang Chieh has become his muse, but that sows the seeds of their own destruction… Why does Yang Chieh get killed? Who on earth has killed her? A murder reveals the true nature of our society, and what live underneath desire and passion are the restless souls of our time.

Cast                                                                                                           Crew
Jiang Jhong Ze-JC Lin Yang Chieh-Chang Ning                                Producer-Wei Ying-chuan, Gene Yao, Terrisa Chen
Nana-Kiwebaby           San San-Lin Wei Yi                                            Writter-Chen Hung-i, Wei Ying-Chuan
Chang Yao Chou-Zheng Ren Shuo    Sam-Lu Ming Yao                         Director Of Photography-Yu Jing Ping  
                                                                                                                 Production Designer-Huang Mei Ching, Liu Jeng Feng, Liang Shuo Lin
                                                                                                                 Sound Designer-Dennis Tsao, Chen Chia Wei
                                                                                                                 Editor-Chen Hung-i, Liu Ching Ying
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Director's Bio

A graduate of the department of Philosophy of Natioanl Taiwan University , CHEN's works include films, advertisements, and music videos. He directed the 2008 film, Candy Rain, which Won Best Makeup & Costume Design at the 45th Godlen Horse Awards. His 2011 film, Honey Pupu, Won the speial Jury Award at the Fribourg International Film Festival and Best Director at the Taipei Film Festival. He is also the director of Design 7 Love (2014), which was nominated for Best New Performer and Best Visual Effects at the 51st Golden Horse Awards.










Director's filmography

2017 THE LAST PAINTING, feature film 

2014 DESIGN 7 LOVE, feature film

2011 HONEY PUPU, feature film

2008     CANDY RAIN, feature film